Sunday, 9 August 2009

New Version Update #4

Hello all,
Hope you are well.

Let's see, much has happened recently including the first load of the new game as shown:
Exciting eh?

This obviously won't mean alot to you but the ability to create over 200,000 character attribute records AND save them to disk in under 1 SECOND should. I basically now have the power to create the game I have always wanted to make...

It's not all tech end stuff though, I have hired a fantastic animator/designer to do the graphical work and sneak peak of which is shown:

This is the first composition of the new game office and has already been superseeded by a preferred version. Wanna see it? All in good time...

That's all for now surfice to say with the new designer on board, the programmer back from a maritial hiatus and me very much zoned-in on getting the game finished this year, it'a all systems go.

Until next time, box on!