Friday, 31 December 2010

I hope you all...

...have a happy new year!

Lets hope this is a big one for BM (it wont be for lack of trying!) :)

Keep safe, be lucky and for the last time in 2010...Box On!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Twas the week before Xmas...

Duppsko was first with #3 so here it is:
This is the award for getting 17 boxers (one in each weight class) to undisputed champion!
Sounds easy eh? I'm sure you can all manage it!

(P.S. My personal favourite is #4! :))

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New Version Update #8

Hey all,
Hope you are well. Looking forward to Xmas? Me neither! :)

Firstly, the bad news...
Latest 'sheenanigans'? Lost my programmer. I know, unreal...
I don't really want to get into it in too much detail but as you can imagine this was very bad news. Basically he was put under 'personal' pressure to earn more money which meant he could not allow the time needed on the development. Not only did I lose a very clever coder but I also lost alot of time on a guy that knew what I wanted. A major shame.

I now have a new programmer, a new agreement and the guy is in for the long haul!
Not only is he getting paid but he will also be getting paid on sales which means it is in his very best interest to get the game released quickly for everyone sake. Even better news is he is local to me. We have met face to face (no more of this remote wait a week for an answer rubbish!) we've been for a beer or two and I finally feel a synergy with a coder that (as you know) I have wanted for a VERY long time.

Thirdly, current state of play.
The new coder has just finished review existing code and documentations and together we are creating a new production roadmap. Already stated on Non Player Character (NPC) development. New release date? June 1st 2011.

Box On (finally) and keep the faith (please)!

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Version Update #7

Hey all,
Hope you are well. Seriously I do.

Decided on a 'pre-emptive strike' by posting an update now.

But firstly a recap summary:
'Man of honour with very limited funds attempt to make world class version of his successful boxing management game. Having been messed about and let down by FOUR different designers and after encountering multiple work and life hazzards our hero continues on his heroic quest...'
Ok. a little overdramatic perhaps! :)

So, update.
Firstly the good news which is worthy of some Capitalisation, colourisation and emboldening:
That's right, I've found a designer who's not only good but can actually (wait for it...) 'complete the task he's been set to the satisfaction of the client' I know! Gonna be keep this guy busy for a loooooong time!
Wanna see? 'course you do. Here's your new office boxing managers:

Secondly, the good news:
Programmer is my hero and the reason progress is slow is for the following statement to be associated with Boxing Manager for the first time ever: Rock Solid.

Thirdly, the bad news: (too good to last)
Encountered some platform related troubles which were unforseen (basically a third party update) which has put us back a little. Nothing we can't handle though and will be hurdled by the beginning of September.
SEPTEMBER!!! Am I the only one who thinks this year is flying by?

As always, my favourite people, Box On!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dont worry... happy!

The new version is still coming people. Just 'in and amongst' lots of horrible code and things that can best be described as 'shenanigans'! :)

Keep the faith and Box On!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Hi All,
Hope you are well.

Wow, where did the first quarter of the year go? Seriously? I've no idea.

On a positive the game is still progressing, albeit very slowly at the moment, as the programmer and I get 'in and amongst' a lot of the finer details of creating a stunning boxing management game.

Keep the faith peeps. It will be worth it.

PS. The latest designer wimped out on me. Thats the 4th one! Unreal. Something about actually rolling up their sleaves and doing some work seems to scare the more delicate ones.
Now I'm simply hiring the talent as i go 'piece by piece' which isn't ideal but its getting the job done. If you know of a talented designer wants to earn some money and get involved in something wothwhile let me know.   :)