Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Feature Spotlight #5 - Professional Boxing Manager

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count..1..2..3..4..

Manage your way & every aspect from your staff down to the number of supplements in your boxers diet.

I detailed in the last update how the way you manage effects the world outside your office door, in this update I will highlight how the way you manage 'in house' has also changed for the better.
This time around you are far from alone as (depending on your level and finances) you can surround yourself with boxing industry professionals to make your life easier. This also comes in various levels from the usual trusty assistant to team members like corner men, cut men and coaches through to additional bolt-on members such as doctors and trainers, right up to specialists that can be hired to train individual abilities and work magic for a hefty fee!
Training has been greatly improved and allows almost limitless customisation with the ability to not only create an entire training schedule up to 16 weeks long but also to save and load plans you've created yourself. This way, you as the manager can tailor your plans to the styles and needs of each individual boxer or create general plans for keeping fit, improving power, etc. As before it is very important not to overwork your boxers as this increases the risk of injury but this time around overtraining can also drain them and reduce their weight. Under-working has the effect of also reducing abilities and increasing weight. One of the specialists available to hire is a Nutritionist which could come in handy as you now also have the task of managing the weight of your entire stable of boxers! And if you don't 'make the weight' come fight week...big trouble!
"I'm not messing about with diets!"
Hey, it's not that bad! check this out. The boxers’ diet is set using a mixture of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Supplements. Basically four lockable sliders. Tweaking these factors even slightly along with changes in the training plans can have a massive effect on your boxer and you may just find the winning recipe to create that monster you've been trying to create! The good thing is you can assign lots of tasks to your assistant so, if messing about with diet sliders is not your thing, don't make it your thing!

The result? Even more power to your boxing manager elbow. Hire, fire, tweak, change, mess about, experiment and ultimately get involved and make your team and stable a force to be feared!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Feature Spotlight #4 - Professional Boxing Manager

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count...1...2...3...


Highly detailed characters populate an ever changing boxing world with allies & rivalries made every minute!

How detailed? Well, let's put this into perspective. In the current game each boxer has 6 main stats (Endurance, Power, Defence, Speed, Accuracy and Resistance) and 1 additional (Cuts) which is not trainable. Total of 7. The new version has 9 PAGES of information relating to the individual boxers before you even get into the stats on each! I am not going to reveal all the stats involved and there are a whole series of stats which are going to be hidden from the player anyway (Feeling Lucky Punk?) but the simple fact is there is an immense amount of stats available.

As a manager you will now have the power to not just train a boxer but also to DESIGN your boxer entirely to suit you. For example if you discover a kid who, with a bit of work, could become a fantastic counterpunching Southpaw with a sweet left hook to go with his natural strength, Balance and Bravery you can make it happen.

And that's just the boxers. Now the world also includes a massive array of Staff and Non Player Characters (NPCs) which you can and must interact with in order to survive and prosper. Everything from Cut men and Corner men through to specialist to aid in nutrition and training up to venue promoters, TV bosses and (Gulp!) Boxing Organisation presidents! More on these NPCs later. Suffice to say, the game world has levels of detail unprecedented in a boxing game, let alone a boxing management game.

"I demand more detail!" Wow, OK steady on. Let's look at the 'allies & rivalries' part. Every character in the game (including you!) has an ever evolving list of rivals and allies. This is needed, because as you travel through the game coming into contact with the NPCs, you will now have an effect on them. For example if you organise a fight with another manager and you blatantly fleece them, there's a chance you'll get onto their rival list meaning future attempts may become a lot harder to do. What's worse is that this world (like real life) is about 'degrees of separation' and annoying someone can also be passed onto people they know. Of course, the opposite is true too as is varying degrees in-between. Time to take some responsibility for your actions!

The result? You will now have an unparalleled level of customisation and training control on the boxers in your stable and it'll be down to you to manage not just your relationships with your boxers and staff but also your relationships with the characters around you. A world of emotional colour to go with the superbly customisable physical one.

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