Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sorry for the delay!

Hi All,
Hope you are well.

Wow, where did the first quarter of the year go? Seriously? I've no idea.

On a positive the game is still progressing, albeit very slowly at the moment, as the programmer and I get 'in and amongst' a lot of the finer details of creating a stunning boxing management game.

Keep the faith peeps. It will be worth it.

PS. The latest designer wimped out on me. Thats the 4th one! Unreal. Something about actually rolling up their sleaves and doing some work seems to scare the more delicate ones.
Now I'm simply hiring the talent as i go 'piece by piece' which isn't ideal but its getting the job done. If you know of a talented designer wants to earn some money and get involved in something wothwhile let me know.   :)