Sunday, 17 April 2011

Facing The Facts & New Version Update #11

Hi All,
Hope you're well and had a good weekend.

Excuse the ominous sounding title, as much as I've tried to resist, I can resist no more...BM is now on Facebook here:
I'm not a big fan of Facebook although I know a lot of you are. Fair play. 

So, why bother 'Liking' and keeping track on it? Well, although I'm loving the Twitter, I do realise that Twitter is a bit more 'business end' and Facebook is the best platform for connecting with the real everyday fans of the!

On the update front, it's been a slow period in term of results but I feel its been a good time in terms of progress. I'm sure that within the next week or two I'm going to be able to show you some screenshots and more relating to the new version and it'll be time to start revealing some reasons why your patience is going to be rewarded. New info, screenshots, etc will be posted to Twitter & Facebook pages.

You 'Like'? Then let me know.

Box On my 'Friends'!