Friday, 18 March 2011

Twit Ta Whoo!

Hey all,
Hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend.

Thought it was about time I setup a Twitter account for the game.
I know, I'm just soooo 2010 and should really get with the program. :)
Said Twitter account is here: @ProBoxMan

Why should you follow me?
Good question. I'm glad you asked. Three reasons:
1. Future game updates (and SCREENSHOTS) are going to be appearing there not here. This blog is going to be removed when the new website goes live very soon.

2. Twitter followers will get a discount code for money off the new version price and first dibs on special offers.

3. I often have things on my mind under 140 characters. It's just the way my mind works!

Box On and may the Tweet be with you...always!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Version Update #10


Hope you are well.
I mean that sincerely,  I, hope that YOU are well right now wherever you are! :)

Here's an update.
(Wouldnt want to be accused of not updating regularly now!)

How's things you ask? Well they're going well too.
I am currently at a major stage of the development and the signs are good to get through this stage within a month. Right on schedule. Hell, it may even be slightly ahead! (shock horror!)

I am also working on the a new website design.
I know how much you l o v e (jk) the current one but it's time for an overhaul. Looking pretty sweet it is too. Wanna see? Click here

Sorry about that, I'm in a playful mood!

Box On Faith Keepers!