Friday, 22 July 2011

New Feature Spotlight #3 - Professional Boxing Manager

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count...1...2...


Achieve honours in the Amateur boxing world, go for Professional boxing glory or Both at the same time!

Yes, the amateur boxing world is now going to be fully represented by a world class boxing management game!
This means you'll be able to talent spot right from an early age, nurture the skills and, of course, take them all the way to professional glory. Full career progression is now yours to shape.

The new game is very much about levels. For the boxers (amateur and professional class) and this time around, for you too!
A good way to explain would be to imagine if YOU right now went and applied for a managers licence and started a boxing gym. In all likelihood the licence will only apply in your base country and (unless you have some famous and trusting boxer friends) your gym will be initially attended by local amateurs and low level pros. That's not to say you won't be able to try and get some famous names, you just won't succeed without throwing a LOT of money around which you won't have! :0) The good news is as you (the manager) develop you will be able to earn the right to succeed with an application to manage at Continental and then World level.

"Say what? This is brilliant!"
Thanks, you're too kind! It is brilliant and it is brilliant on multiple levels!

The result? Amateur boxing finally gets the representation it deserves and you finally get to feel the warm glow that only comes from starting at the bottom and climbing the ranks to the top. As always, I'm interested to read your feedback to this and all the future feature announcements so please get in touch.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Professional Boxing Manager Game - New Feature Spotlight #2

Hope you are well.
See below for the second installment in the 'great boxing game tease of 2011'! :0)
Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count...1...
Action packed fight engine combining 3d graphics with stunning professional motion capture animations.

As you may have seen from the screenshot, the new version has improved the 'watching the fights' part of the game quite a bit!
Glorious 3D with free-cam allowing you to view the fight from any angle. Uses professionally designed motion capture animations and only the gloves are Red vs Blue now! Certainly beats watching those Red & Blue circles get their boxing on. Bearing in mind, a lot of Football (Soccer) management games have only recently moved on from 'dot game display', so we're not that far behind!

Let's be honest though, the EA Sports Fight Night series has completely spoilt you when it comes to boxing game eye candy. I doubt I can even comprehend the sheer amount of money and man hours that must have gone into it's production. Mind-Boggling!
So what does an independant game developer do in the face of such unbeatable odds? He decides to go for an approach which will deliver a look unique to his game that is enjoyable to watch and represents what is going on behind the scenes in the Fight Engine. This is a management game first and a viewing spectacle second. So don't expect photo-realistic artificially intelligent sweat spray, but do expect boxers that now look different wearing their own colours which makes them much easier to follow and to remember.

"Fight Engine Say What?"
You ask just the best questions! The Fight Engine is the mass of calculations going on behind the scenes in order to deliver a fight on-screen that truly represents the stats and abilities of the boxers in action. In the new version the fight engine is even more sophisticated and delivers an exciting and accurate boxing experience. More on that later.

The result? Professional Boxing Manager is more enjoyable to watch as every single fight will look different (unless it's a rematch) and your stable will now be full of literally colourful characters! As always, I'm interested to read your feedback to this and all the future feature announcements so please get in touch.

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Professional Boxing Manager Game - New Feature Spotlight #1

Something New...

Hope you are well.
Ok, so I promised to announce a feature from the new game so here goes...

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count...

Fully realised boxing world with over 30 Thousand boxers and characters in 69 Countries spread over 5 Continents.

To put this into some kind of perspective compare 30,000 to the 1,600 boxers and characters in ther current game. I know, wow! The new game is on such an immensely different scale to the existing game it is almost impossible to compare them at all. I honestly don't know how many boxers are in any of the other boxing games out there but I don't think they're packing those numbers.

As you may have gathered from the setup screenshot, at the beginning of the game you get to choose firstly which Continent you want to be based in and then which Country. The amount of boxers and characters in each Country is based on real world boxing data, meaning that different Countries will present a different challenge, depending on the nature of boxers that Country produces. A very rough example of this would be trying to create a Chinese World Heavyweight champion based in China, whereas creating a lighter weight champion could be an easier task.

"But hey, America is a huge Country, so what's going on with that noise?"
I'm glad you asked! It's obviously unrealistic to expect a small time boxing manager to have access to all the USA boxers from cost-to-coast when starting out, so what I have done is I have split the USA into districts which roughtly represent the geographical way the Americans define themselves; i.e. Mid-west, South-East, West-Coast, etc. So basically, if you choose the USA you then have to choose a district instead of a Country, but after that all the same game rules apply.

The bottom line to all this is Professional Boxing Manager is a game that is set in a realistic boxing world with virtually unlimited game & unique replay posibilities! Neat huh? I hope you think so. I'm always interested to read your feedback to this and all the future feature announcements so please get in touch. I'm contactable via email reply, the website contact form, Twitter or facebook page. Details are below.

Until next time...