Friday, 2 September 2011

New Version Feature Spotlight #6 - Professional Boxing Manager

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count..1..2..3..4..5..  
Boxing organisations, weigh-ins, contract/fight negotiations, PPV & TV deals, Corner-man mode & more!

Ok, I think we'd better break this one down a bit!
How multiple are the multiple boxing organisations? With this game we have gone from a total of 2 boxing Organisations (ORGs) to (wait for it) 69 National level PLUS 5 Continental level PLUS 2 World level which equals 76 ORGS! Each has their own licensing criteria, rules, rankings, results, website and head honchos for you to deal (or not deal) with!
Weigh-in now takes place before the fight. As detailed in the last update, it is up to you (or a hired expert) to ensure your boxers are properly prepared for the fight and within the correct weight limits. Failure to do so will result in massive financial penalties to pay for substitutes to take your place as well as all manner of other problems that generate from frustrating venue promoters, boxers and fans.
Boxer and Fight contract negotiations are now more detailed as they link into the 'rival/ally' system detailed in a previous update. This means the process is made significantly harder or easier depending on which side of their fence you're on. Negotiations with a party that is neither friend nor foe will be based on their abilities and intelligence and, of course, yours too!
PPV/TV deals is a feature which is still being developed. Currently this means that being skilful in your matchmaking means you may just end up on a fightbill with a world champion, get your boxer featured on screens worldwide and guess what? His star could rise as could your bank balance!
Corner-man mode is quite similar to the current game but with a few significant differences to take advantage of the wealth of stats each boxer now has. More details on this in a future update.

"Hey! You Said More!"
There is more. Even much more. I could've even used the 'much, much more' phrase if I wanted too but that would've simply blown your mind! :0)

The result? A realistic boxing management game placing you in the hotseat and making sure that if you don't put the effort in with determination, skill and style, then you'll be knocked out of the game quicker than your underprepared boxers!

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Yann said...

Seriously, if this game deliver, and there's no bug in it when it's release, it will be a helluva game.


Hope to play the game soon

BoxMan said...

Hi Yann my man!

Seriously, when this game delivers and it's bug free and released onto the market, I'm gonna need a bloody long rest! XD

Keep the faith and Box On!