Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Version Feature Spotlight #7 - Professional Boxing Manager

Professional Boxing Manager is a Knockout. Start the Count..

 Enjoy the thrill of achieving Amateur boxing glory and gaining recognition for your management excellence!  

Games should be fun right?
I was very conscious when making this game to ensure it doesn't feel like you are simply interfacing with a cold hard database, rather that you are making an impact on the boxing world and having fun doing it!

So, how is some fun to be had?
Well, fun is what you make it. What may be fun for one player may not be quite so entertaining for another! I know some players are already excited by the Amateur boxing career development aspect, whereas others would take more enjoyment from bringing back washed up a former champ. Whatever your idea of fun may be, I have devised interesting side plots to the main mission of boxing related getting, training, fighting and winning.

Firstly; it is my pleasure to announce...The Golden Games! That's right; since this game has Amateur boxing what it also needed was a massive World Championship Amateur Boxing knockout style Tournament! Every year the best 32 Amateurs in each weight class are drawn to compete in the Golden Games to decide who takes the gold and the glory! Maybe your hot prospect will round off a fantastic year of wins by scooping the title! Maybe after he’ll get big headed and try to dump you? Maybe he’ll add a few zeros to his contract if you tried to renegotiate? Maybe it’ll mean he starts higher in the rankings when he turns pro? Maybe you’ll have to wait to find out.
Secondly; if you're an awesome boxing manager you should be rewarded right? What are you expecting? Some sort of trophy? Alright then! The game is stacked with great unlock-able trophies for all manner of brilliant achievements, there's even an in-game trophy room where you can bask in their glory whenever you like! No, I will not be telling you what they all are! :0)
But; I want MORE fun! Give it to me now!
Whoah, easy Tiger! Ok, check this out. Guess what happens if you're the manager of the best Amateur boxers in your Country in each weight-class when the Golden games come around? That's right, by default YOU will become your own Countries International Boxing Team Manager! Neat huh? There should probably be an award trophy for that... ;0)

Until next time...



Anonymous said...

When going to be finish talk talk talk

Yann said...

Why don't you do your own game instead of trash talking..........


again the game looks great, your doin a great job...........

And just to know... will the boxers records be more accurate to their skills and ranking than in the last game....

I.E it wasn't rare to see a champion with a record of 25W 20L in the previous game??

BoxMan said...

Hi Anon,
There I was thinking you liked the build up. With the slow release of awesome features to keep you interested? :0)

Hi Yann,
Now now, play nice! :0)

I'm certainly trying to do a great job. Hope it's worth it.
Good point on the records. Will look into this. May be something we tweak as it goes through BETA testing.

Thank you both for writing. Box On!